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At Ghartak Services , we pride ourselves on being your go-to partner for all your shipping needs, regardless of the size or nature of your items. Our robust infrastructure and dedicated team ensure that we can handle everything from small parcels to bulky shipments with the utmost efficiency and care. Ghartak for a shipping partner that is as committed to the safe and secure transfer of your items 

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    Your Premier Pickup and Drop Transfer Service

    At Ghartak, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable transfer services for your valuable products. Whether it's a document, a package, or something more substantial, we've got you covered.


    Our team is committed to ensuring that your items reach their destination with perfect condition.

    Easy Booking

    With our user-friendly platform, booking your transfer is a breeze. Simply tell us what you need, and we'll take care of the rest.

    Ghartak Services For Your Personal, Family
    And Work Needs.

    Efficient Delivery Services

    ensuring that customer packages reach their destinations quickly and safely.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    we provide cost-effective shipping options, helping customers save money on their logistics needs

    Customer Support

    we offer customer service channels to address queries, concerns, or issues promptly, ensuring a positive customer experience.

    Technology Integration

    Ghartak leverage technology for seamless order processing, inventory management, and overall logistics efficiency.

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